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Hello there!

 Welcome to my travel blog. I know there are more comprehensive and better blogs out there but hey I'm up to no competition and I'm glad you dropped by ☺. I created this blog because I want to share a little of the things I've been up to and more of where I'd been to. Although I had past travel experiences when I was younger, it wasn't I who planned and paid for those trips. Therefore, I consider myself a newbie both in the world of travelling and blogging. If you have any comments, suggestion or anything, please let  me know.

 I'm in my mid 20's and yes I do love to travel and considering that you are reading this, I guess we do have one thing in common-an itchy feet.

 I was born and raised in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and I just love to pack and go somewhere , where my feet and little of my finances can take me. Dreams are my Polaris for they guide me in the sea of life. Although motion sickness is frequently a problem everytime I ride a bus, plane, etc,  that doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do and that is to travel. I hope you are too.

 I am used to travelling with friends or family and I am planning to embark on solo trip real soon to test myself on how far I can go for the love of travel. :-)

 I am a person who loves the simplicity of life, loves a good humor, who thinks that life is hilarious. Family and friends get me going. Let's unravel the hidden treasures of the world and experience its beauty. I am wandering the wonders, come dream, love and TRAVEL with me. 

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